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 We are so friendly a Wild Mountain Cottontail decided to build a home in our rabbit hutch corral!! How special is that to be chosen by the local wildlife?!

  • Flemish Giant
  • Rex
  • Mini Rex
  • Rex/Mini Rex
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We sell live rabbits of various breeds...

Pictured to the right is the Cotton Tail we trapped and let go and still hangs around our Rabbit Ranch. She tries to entice our bucks to run away with her!

  • Flemish/New Zealand
  • Harlequin Giant

Frank and Dee Cooper are the owners and run the rabbit ranch. We are located in Northwest Montana. Our rabbits are born and breed here in Kila Montana. We have six breeding pair (working on seven) of rabbits at the moment. We breed all year depending on the weather not to stress out the rabbits. Our stock lives in hutches outside so they are well ventilated for excellent health. We protect them from the elements with coverings. We also give our rabbits a lot of love because most of them really want to be loved on. The rabbits are fed and watered twice a day because they love the attention.

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